About our School:

  1. Our School - Thunder Bay Christian School is located on an expanse of sprawling green space dotted with whispering pines. The school yard hosts baseball diamonds, soccer fields and several modern playground structures. New to the playground: an official size Hockey rink! Donated by the Staal brothers.

    The school has a large gymnasium, computer lab, library, music room, special education resource room, special needs area, and Christ centered studies. Christian education affirms our participation in the covenant God made with us, and renounces the false separation between secular and sacred truth. Learning music, language, and mathematics from the Christian perspective draws our attention to the wonder of God and what he has created. TBCS is a Multi-denominational school that is supported by many churches throughout the city.

    Elementary Handbook - .pdf
    Secondary Handbook - .pdf

  3. TRANSPORTATION - TBCS offers bussing inside and outside city limits.

  4. LIBRARY - Our library is modern and fully equipped with fiction, non-fiction, reference books and magazines.

  5. MUSIC - In our music program, various musical opportunities as well as supplemental piano lessons during school hours for interested students is offered. For grades 7/8, guitar class is part of curriculum. Assemblies, which combine speaking, singing, musical instruments, and acting experiences are a monthly occurrence and a parent favorite!

  6. PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKER - The school employs one special education teacher as well as a personal support worker. A French educator is also part of our staff.

  7. DEVOTIONS - Mornings at TBCS begin with devotions and Bible studies that are a regular curriculum component.

  8. T.B.C.S is a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and a member of Christian Schools International. It is an interdenominational school operated by parents. In 2010/11 TBCS has 107 students registered in JK/10. Thunder Bay Christian School was established in 1962.

TBCS Eagles at the Dragon Boats

Our Foundational Statements:

  1. The Bible - The basis of the Thunder Bay Christian School is the Word of God, manifest in creation, incarnate in Jesus Christ, and inscripturated in the Bible as it is confessed to be God’s Word in the Reformed Creedal Standards. The Scriptures renew our understanding of God, ourselves, others and the world, directs our relationship and activities and guides us in the education of our children.

  2. Creation - Children must come to learn that the world and their calling init can rightly be understood only in relation to the triune God.

  3. Sin - Sin alienates us from God, our neighbor, and the world, distorts our view of the true meaning and purpose of life, and misdirects human culture.

  4. Jesus - Through Jesus Christ there is a renewal of our educational enterprise because He is the Redeemer of, and the Light and the Way for, our human life in all its range and variety.

  5. Schools - The purpose of Christian Schools is to educate children for a life of obedience to their call in the world as image-bearers of God. This calling is to know God’s Word and His creation, to consecrate the whole of human life to God, to love their fellowman, and to be stewards of their God-given cultural task.

  6. Parents - The primary responsibility for education rests upon parents to whom children are entrusted by God.

  7. Teachers - Christian teachers, in cooperation with parents, have a unique pedagogical responsibility in obedience to God while educating the child in school.

  8. Students - Christian school must take into account the variety of abilities, needs and responsibilities of young persons.

  9. Community - Because God’s covenant embraces not only parents and their children, but also the whole Christian community to which they belong, it is the obligation of the Christian community to establish and maintain Christian schools, to pray for, work for, and give generously to their support.

  10. Education Freedom - Christian schools, organized and administered in accordance with legitimate standards and provision for the day schools, should be fully recognized in society as free to function according to these principles.


  • CSI - Christian Schools International

  • CSTC - Christian School Teachers’ Certificate

  • OACS - Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools

  • OCSAA - Ontario Christian School Administrator’s Association

  • Edfide - Professional association for Christian educators

  • OTC - Ontario Teacher’s Certificate

  • CEAF - Christian Economic Assistance Foundation

  • EETC - Equity in Education Tax Credit

Thunder Bay Christian School
37 Cooper Road, Rosslyn ON P7K 0E2
Phone: (807) 939-1209 -- Fax: (807) 939-2843
E-mail: office@tbaychristianschool.ca