TBCS Documents and Policies

  Constitution and By-laws 2003 PDF File  
  Board Members Moral Code 2003 PDF File  
  Executive Mandate 1984 PDF File  
  HR Mandate 2004 PDF File  
  Program Mandate 2004 PDF File  
  Finance Mandate 2002 PDF File  
  High School Mandate 2015 PDF File  
  Membership Mandate 1996 PDF File  
  Transportation Mandate
1997 PDF File  

Building and Grounds Mandate
1984 PDF File  
  Promotion Mandate
1999 PDF File  

Affordable Christian Education Mandate
2010 PDF File  

Booster Club Mandate
2011 PDF File  

Development Mandate 2012 PDF File  
  Twice as Nice Mandate 2012 PDF File  
  Related Organizations 2012 PDF File  

Foundational Statements 2007 PDF File  

HighSchool Handbook 2017-2018 PDF File  
  Staff Handbook 2014-2015 PDF File  
  Parent Handbook 2017-2018 PDF File  
  Student Admissions (Policy) 2008 PDF File  
  Student Admission Procedures 2003 PDF File  
  Application for Admission 1995 PDF File  
  Enrollment Form 2017 PDF File  
  Parent Statement of Support 1995 PDF File  
  Emergency Contact Information 2012 PDF fill-in  
  Parent Consent Form 2012 PDF File  
  Pastoral Reference Letter 2000 PDF fill-in  
  Children with Special Needs (Policy) 2004 PDF File  
  Withdrawal Form 2012 PDF fill-in  
  Guideline for Membership 1984 PDF File  
  Application for Membership 2017 PDF File  
  Home Schooling (Policy) 2003 PDF File  

  Tuition Procedures 1993 PDF File  
  Tuition Assistance 2000 PDF File  
  Tuition Refund (Policy) 1997 PDF File  

  Film Selection (Policy) 2009 PDF File  
  Resource Selection (Policy) 2009 PDF File  
  Book Selection (Policy) 2003 PDF File  
  Class Size Guideline 2006 PDF File  

  Playground Guidelines 2011 PDF File  
  Grade Acceleration (Policy) 2010 PDF File  
  Home Instruction (Policy) 2012 PDF File  

  Professional Development (Policy) 2007 PDF File  
  Sexual Harassment (Policy) 2006 PDF File  
  Personal Privacy (Policy) 2005 PDF File  
  Educational Assistant (Policy) 2012 PDF File  

Anaphylaxis (Policy)
2005 PDF File  
Health and Safety (Policy)
2011 PDF File  
Lice (Policy)
2015 PDF File  
Abuse Policy (Policy)
2006 PDF File  
Traumatic Events Response Team (Policy)
2011 PDF File  

900-School Culture
  Discipline (Policy) 2005 PDF File  
  Grievance (Policy) 2010 PDF File  
  Bus Discipline 2006 PDF File  

1000-community Relations
  Rental Agreement (Policy) 2008 PDF File  
  Bus Loaning (Policy) 2014 PDF File  

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