20/20 Refocusing

July 27, 2021

Thanks for all the words of encouragement the last few weeks as we planned and coordinated each detail to open the doors safely today, it truly is a blessing to be part of a Christian community. The busses arrived safely this morning and we all eagerly began the 2020/2021 school year. It was awesome to witness the excitement of each student as they reunited with their friends, find their classrooms and get acquainted with their teachers. To God be the Glory!

20/20 Refocusing is our theme for the year. Playing off our theme from last year and reiterating the importance of "Focus" this year seems so fitting. Remaining focused on our Heavenly Father and His Word amidst a world of politics, changes and uncertainty is what we are called to do so many times throughout scripture. Our theme songs for the year are "Eye of the Storm" and "It Is Well With My Soul." I would encourage you all to download and play these songs, so that as soon as we can celebrate together again at assemblies and functions we can bring God glory through our singing.